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With the increased cases of drug abuse in the world today, it is important to detect and prevent the individuals from the addiction to these illegal drugs. The drug presence in the biological system of an individual can easily be detected through drug testing. There are so many types of drug testing processes depending on the part of the body where sample testing is being done. For instance, an individual can be tested to detect any drug presence in the urine, blood, and saliva. The saliva drug testing detects traces of a certain drug in the saliva of an individual. 


The saliva drug testing is done mainly in homes and at the workplaces. For example, in the organization, the test is done by the employers on the employees to avoid drug abuse at the workplace. This is because an employee who is abusing a certain drug can pass the same problem to the other employees, can cause accidents or even threaten the life of the entire organization. Saliva drug testing is done regularly in some companies, randomly, when placing employees for jobs or even after an accident has occurred such as machine breakdown. At home, the parents are using detectors to find whether their teens are using illegal drugs. Many drugs are taken orally and it is easy to know an individual who is working on certain illegal drugs. Other places where saliva drug testing is at the court for detainees and also on the roads by many transport authorities to detect the drivers who are risking the lives of other individuals by driving under drug influence. A good example is the alcohol-blow which detects the individuals who are drunkards of the illegal alcohols. 


The usage of the saliva drug testing detectors is so simple. The swap detector is just placed between the lower cheek and the gums for one to two minutes. When a colored line is detected then the individual has not consumed any drug but when the line is clear, then the individual has taken a certain drug. This is the simplest Rapid Detect INC method of detecting the individuals who have taken drugs. There are several drugs which can be detected such as the alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, and amphetamine. This method of drug testing is time-saving and cost-effective. It enables employers and parents to lead a drug-free environment. The tests give quick results and it is non-invasive thus causing no pain to the individuals.


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